IRS Advises Carriers HVUT Filings (Form 2290)

IRS Advises Carriers HVUT Filings – The federal Internal Revenue Service will mail a notice later this month to all filers of IRS Form 2290, on which motor carriers and others report the annual federal heavy vehicle use tax.  The notice concerns two things carriers should keep in mind.  First, there will be no extension of filing the 2290 until later in the fall, as there was last year, when the HVUT reports and payments were not due until November.  This year, the report and payment are due, as usual, August 31.  Second, however, for those filing the 2290 electronically, note that the IRS system that processes the HVUT filings will be down for maintenance from the afternoon of August 31 (after 1:00 PM eastern daylight time) until September 4 at noon.  IRS urges taxpayers to make their 2290 filings before the system goes down; however, the Service will accept as timely filed those electronic 2290s that IRS receives through September 7.  We remind HVUT taxpayers that anyone filing a 2290 for 25 or more vehicles must file electronically.  Forms 2290 filed on paper are still due this year by August 31.

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