CSA BASIC Gap Analysis

CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) is designed to track, measure and evaluate motor carriers and drivers in order to increase compliance and promote greater safety throughout the trucking industry. In order to ensure you aren't the target of a CSA intervention, you must comply with the BASICs (Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories) set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

With a CSA BASIC Gap Analysis performed by the industry experts at National Fleet Services, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your fleet is always up to date and compliant with these regulations.

A CSA BASIC Gap Analysis covers these mandatory areas for compliance:

  • Unsafe Driving - operation of commercial motor vehicles in a dangerous or careless manner
  • Fatigued Driving - too ill, fatigued or in noncompliance with hours of service; incomplete or inaccurate logbook
  • Driver Fitness - the operation of CMV by drivers who are unfit to operate a CMV due to lack of training, experience, or medical qualifications
  • Controlled Substances - operation of CMVs by drivers who are impaired due to alcohol, illegal drugs, and/or misuse of prescription or OTC medications
  • Vehicle Maintenance - failure to properly maintain a commercial motor vehicle
  • Cargo Related - failure to properly prevent shifting loads, spilled or dropped cargo, and unsafe handling of hazardous materials
  • Crash Indicators - how does your fleet stack up?

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