Vehicle & Trailer Monitoring

Our Vehicle Compliance Services (VCS), a web accessible service application with 24/7 access, is designed to help you maintain accurate vehicle credentials in an increasingly complex environment of interstate trucking. Ensuring your vehicles have accurate credentials will help you reduce costs, overhead and frustration by leaving the paperwork to us. The VCS web application will allow you to keep track of and maintain precise vehicle identification numbers, vehicle unit numbers, titles, international registration documents (applications, cab cards, etc.), and other key vehicle operating data by company, location and/or division.

National Fleet Services has experience in registering and permitting vehicles in every state. We help our clients keep their trucks operating on the road with the needed credentials.

Our Vehicle & Trailer Monitoring services include:

  • Initial registration and renewal
  • Specialized credential support
  • Interstate permitting services
  • Intrastate permitting services
  • Accuracy of vehicle credentials for every vehicle in your fleet

No matter where your vehicle operates in North America, we can keep your vehicles' registrations up-to-date and legal. Reduce the risk of costly fines or loss of revenues by keeping registration current on all your vehicles.

We offer:

  • Prepared and filed documents for both International Registration Plan (IRP) and base plated vehicles in every state
  • Prepared and filed documents for highway mileage permits (New Mexico, New York and Oregon, etc.)
  • Reduction in overpayment of sales taxes, heavy vehicle use taxes (2290), and ad valorem taxes
  • Complete UCR filings and property taxes
  • Submission of hazardous permit renewals

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