National Fleet Services LLC is committed to providing motor carriers a lower cost alternative service offering for the essential “in-house” compliance requirements. We are devoted to “giving back” to the continued health and future growth of the trucking industry, and in doing so, helping to ensure future opportunities for motor carriers to grow and prosper.

  • Fleet Management Services: maintaining accurate vehicle titling, registration, permitting and credentials documentation in the midst of an increasingly complex trucking regulatory environment is time-consuming and maddening. We can help you cut labor cost, overhead, and risk by leaving the documentation to us. Our experience in vehicle registration and permitting in every state will keep your trucks on the road.
  • Driver Management Services: keeping existing drivers compliant with DOT regulations is getting more complicated every day. We can help you avoid hiring mistakes and possible DOT violations by accurately maintaining your driver qualification records by reviewing DOT application materials including criminal reports, MVR checks, three year background checks, drug and alcohol reporting, driver violations and hours of services requirements. We will maintain and monitor your drivers’ compliance with DOT regulations.
  • Temporary Permits: we will help your trucks move between states in a cost effective approach by getting the needed Trip Permits, Fuel Permits, Mileage Permits, Oversized Permits or Overweight Permits keeping your trucks on the road.
  • Fuel Tax & Credits: complex IFTA fuel and mileage tax reporting can keep your trucks from running illegally across state and provincial borders. Our cost-effective services and agents will help support your fleet to comply with state mandated mileage reporting, documentation requirements, fuel usage, vehicle reporting, and tax compliance and audit consulting. In addition, we can calculate off-highway fuel tax credits and refunds of federal and state excise taxes.