Background Screening

Reduce the risk in hiring and protect your organization with National Fleet Services’ background screening. Criminal background checks will help you determine if a potential driver or employee will be an asset or liability to your company.

Our customized criminal search services include:

  • Criminal National Search – instantly provides you a multi-state report of criminal records, which includes the District of Columbia. The Criminal National Search report contains the information you need, including felony and misdemeanor records, sex-offender records, inmate records, and arrest information.
  • National Sex Offender Registry – a nationwide sex offender record search as provided by each state, including District of Columbia.
  • State Criminal Comprehensive Report – combines multiple sources of information in a single search. The report can include, but is not limited to: court-level felony records, court-level misdemeanor records, traffic records, department of corrections data, and information from state sex offender registries.
  • Statewide Criminal Search – provides access to public criminal records from each state. Searches generally include felony, misdemeanor, and traffic-case information. State case information will vary upon years of coverage by state.

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