Fully-managed Dot Driver Compliance

Partner with us to stay compliant while you focus on growing your business


Let Our Dot Specialists Manage Your Compliance

Take the guesswork and stress out of your compliance program with DOTFocused’s Managed Services, and never worry about the FMCSA again. Get the guidance and support you need, when you need it.


Our Managed Driver Services Include:


Establish And Maintain Your Driver Qualification Files

Under DOTFocused, you hire the driver, we do the rest. All documentation to support driver qualification file, motor vehicle records, previous employment verifications, and much more. Done automatically and monitored 24/7.


Manage Your Drug & Alcohol Testing Program

DOTFocused establishes your company’s own DOT-compliant drug & alcohol testing policy. We’ve partnered with over 8,000 collection facilities across US to administer random drug and alcohol tests through consortium-based testing protocol. Annual reports to FMCSA and full support & visibility about administering the program.


DOTfocused Report

DOTFocused uses advanced software to analyze your company’s inspection & violation history to pinpoint key compliance issues for each of your terminals or divisions. This is a monthly report that help you to measure true compliance.


Driver Scorecards

How reliable are your drivers? With our innovative Driver Scorecards, your drivers are graded based on inspection, violation, and crash data pulled directly from the FMCSA, as well as off-road data like drug tests and training. This helps with identifying drivers needing additional training and evaluation or rewarding your A+ performers.


DOT Guidance & Training

DOTFocused provides access to certified DOT compliance experts to answer any of your questions regarding regulatory guidance, training, FMCSA compliance, and much more. We’re your dedicated partner, your huckleberry, your team driver… your success is our success.

A Partner You Can Count On

With years of experience managing safety for some of the biggest motor carriers in the country, the DOTFocused team is your most trusted and committed compliance partner. Your success is our guiding principle.