Motor Carriers Now File Form 2290 – Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

Calling all equipment owners!  The Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) (Form 2290) which is usually due by August 31 for the July through June tax year.  IRS delayed the filing until November 30, since Congress did not extend the existence of the HVUT until September.  IRS has now issued this year’s Form 2290, and carriers should now report and file the tax on Form 2290.  Remember that under rules that went into effect several years ago, carriers reporting HVUT for more than 24 vehicles must file with IRS electronically. For more information on e-filing, see the IRS’s Trucking Tax Center here . Contact: Karen Brice @ (866) 419-3812 or or Eva Clair Bowles @ (866) 419-3812 or    

Monthly Revenue Per Truck Climbs

According to the press release by TransCore’s 2011 second annual Benchmark Survey reveals that carrier’s monthly revenue on average was $1,607 (10 percent) higher per truck than the same time last year (2010).  Additional survey highlights included: (1) For-hire carriers found a 20 percent more freight on load boards; (2) average length of haul decreased by 2.6 percent; and (3) empty miles decreased by 1 percent.  Click Her to Read News Release              

CSA Safety Measurement System (SMS) website updated as of September 23, 2011

10/04/2011 – CSA Safety Measurement System (SMS) website updated The CSA Safety Measurement System (SMS) website has been updated with the  September 23, 2011  snapshot.  Check your safety assessment now at: . NOTE TO CARRIERS:  To login into the SMS website and see all of your safety data, you will need an FMCSA-issued U.S. DOT Number Personal Identification Number (PIN) (NOT a Docket Number PIN). If you do not know or have forgotten your PIN, you can request one via and select ‘Click here to request your Docket Number PIN and/or USDOT Number PIN.’ Be sure to request a U.S. DOT Number PIN, NOT a Docket Number PIN.